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27 January 2004

Further Reports from the Trough

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports that UK MEPs have been asked to set an example by rejecting some of their perks, further proof that Britain's Minister for Europe hasn't a clue about the EU!

Read the full item from today's Daily Telegraph linked here.

Note the new ever higher estimate of an MEPs Booty, put here at THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS A YEAR up from the last estimat we saw of a quarter of a million!

26 January 2004

MEP Pay Reform Scrapped

The much vaunted reforms to the MEP pay and allowance system have been rejected by the EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels this morning according to a report in the EUobserver linked from here.

No surprise to this writer! After all the Foreign Ministers represent political parties who are the beneficiaries of the corrupt charade that apes democracy under the guise of being a 'European Parliament', thus rewarding those who are engaged in the destruction of the real democratic assemblies of hundreds of millions of ordinary European citizens!

08 January 2004

Can we Curb the Corruption from Brussels?

On 10th June 2004, in just five months time, the British electorate will be asked to choose seventy eight individuals to sit in the European Parliaments for the next five years, at a yearly cost to the taxpayer of more than a million pounds a head. Every MEP in his or her turn will expect to receive some quarter of a million pounds for each and every one of those five years. These individuals will be expected to remain impartial and uncorrupted, while representing their constituents' interests in a parliament that totally lacks any powers to curb, plan or even oversee an out of control budget, the bent Brussel' s Bureaucracy that spends it and the secretive and corrupt Commission that supposedly controls it!

That unearned and soiled filthy lucre partly returns to further sully Britain’s Politics. Our principal political parties have been selling-out the sovereign rights of the British people, their liberties, democracy, common law rights and countless other small, but far from trivial traditions, for over thirty years, destroying the very fabric of our nation.

I believe it is time to call a halt, and after much thought have formulated a possible means of putting all our politicians on notice that the British people have had enough.

I propose a new party be formed to run a full slate of candidates for the European Parliament across the entire nation, who will be committed, when elected, to reject their seat, the salary and all the obscene perks that their defeated Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or other opponent would so eagerly have lapped up.

The nation will lose nothing, as MEPs lack any power to affect our lives or regain our country’s independence. The major parties will lose huge portions of their income; the part furtively and disgracefully gathered from the unaudited and out of control EU Budget, the indirect effects of which have been to stifle anti-EU dissent.

The present state of the United Kingdom Independence Party, which sent three MEPs to Brussels to fight the EU five years ago, tells the full sorry story and may be read in all its shocking detail on our sister blog: UKIP Uncovered

Early in 2004 we will be sounding-out a broad spectrum of Eurosceptics and others who might be prepared to play a role in this project. If you have comments or would be interested in helping in any way please e-mail using the link above.

We believe this plan, if successfully carried through, will deliver such a sudden and overdue shock to the ruling political elites that something might finally be undertaken to reverse the present course and halt the further erosion of our freedoms. If it does not, then we will hopefully have the status of a goup of honest 'refusenik' MEPs to lead us into the ensuing fight to gain the balance of power at Westminster, the only parliament from which our accountable democracy can be restored.

We CAN show the politicians we have had enough, Can't We? Send us your comments and what you might be prepared to do to help. A decision on whether or not to go ahead will be made in February, but massive support will be needed by next June. Never forget we will be fighting the entrenched power and money of a deeply embedded, secretive and devious pan-European elite ruling class, who control all the levers of power! Our democratic vote is the one chance in every five years to make our voices heard, this might be a way!

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