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30 August 2004

Sleaze MP named as Jonathan Sayeed

The MP for mid-Bedford has been named as the person connected with the eight hundred pound private dinners at Westminster, reported yesterday. Corruption from the institutions of the EU seemed always almost inevitably bound to find its way into the conduct of national politics, as is obvious from recent postings on this blog. The long holiday break of newly elected MEPs has made news of their dirty dealings somewhat sparse of late - no doubt this will be shortlived as August slips away. The MP report in The Herald may be read from here.

29 August 2004

Tory MP parliamentary scam and major corruption attack by Nick Cohen!

The Sunday Times this morning reports that a Tory MP is running a company that charges US tourists fifteen hundred dollars (eight hundred pounds) for tours of Parliament.

The Observer has a broadside against the corruption of our political system by those with wealth titled 'When the price is right' which targets all political parties and individually Peter Mandelson and David Blunkett. Recommended to be read in full from this link.

23 August 2004


Such is the headline in the Mirror, linked here, of their item on the MPs expense abuses. As they have given away what is now estimated as 60 per cent of their powers....and therefore our democracy to Brussels... should not their salaries and expenses be slashed by a similar amount?

India halts patronage for MEP visits following biased reports!

The following press report from the Indian sub-continent, linked here, sums up many peoples views of MEPs - if only we Europeans could somehow withdraw our excessive patronage!

22 August 2004

Strasbourg excesses stain Westminster

Like corruption all down the ages - once it begins and becomes established in any political system it spreads and eats away at the whole until the entire system becomes tainted and worthless. The Sunday Times this morning carries a report of Westminster MPs apparently now abusing their own system of Parliamentary expenses. The following are two brief quotes:-

A Sunday Times investigation has found that MPs claim an annual average of £119,000 in expenses. The first full disclosure of their claims in October will show that many cost the taxpayer more than £200,000 a year, once their salary of £56,358 and pension contributions of £13,526 are included.......

At least 48 MPs employ relatives, ensuring their staff expenses remain within the family. The youngest is a 17-year-old son and the oldest a 77-year-old grandmother.

Our Westminster MPs knowing the practises of Strasbourg could have used what powers they had (while they still remained) to curb the excesses and bring to heel their worthless Strasbourg counterparts - rather than that - they seem to have constructed their own feeding trough. Soon it will be a competition to guage which group has become the most corrupt - our powerless MPs who became so through their own treachery or their worthless MEP counterparts who have sold their souls to play marionettes to the despotic EU Commission.

18 August 2004

An Early Morning Knock on the Door!

The Seattle Times had resonances of Europe's dark past in its start to an article in last Sunday's edition, on the experiences at the hands of the EU of German journalist Hans-Martin Tillack. It had this telling section:-

Critics contend that Tillack's case is an indictment of the anonymous, unelected bureaucracy that rules Europe from Brussels. It's a cozy network, they claim, presided over by directors general who frequently operate like feudal lords.

In their view, these mandarins issue an endless stream of rules and regulations that often are opaque and unintelligible to all but the savviest insiders, while the elected parliament that is supposed to oversee them is weak and ineffective by comparison. Loyalty is prized, critics argue, and accountability is minimal.

The entire article may be read from here. At least the US press continues to highlight the threats to the freedoms of the people of Europe!

01 August 2004

Blair set to ease anti-sleaze guidelines

The report is in this week's Scotland on Sunday, linked from here.

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