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25 February 2008

Strasbourg attempts to silence opposition to Lisbon Treaty

21 February 2008

Huge fraud among MEPs

Well surprise, surprise as this blog is of course honour bound to react.

An over-agitated Chris Davies MEP on the Radio 4 Today programme at about seven thirty this morning seemed almost shocked and was even demanding imprisonment for some MEPs. The link to the Listen Again feature is here about halfway through the clip.

Meantime the Daily Telegraph report which claims to have been the cause of the belated exposure may be read from here. The following quote from one close to the power hungry,President of the Parliament, Hans Gert Pottering, so beggars belief even from this institution that I have to quote it here:

"We want reform but we cannot make this report available to the public if we want people to vote in the European elections next year,"

What he must surely really mean and be fearing is of course that people will not vote for any MEP already there! If none are honest enough to force disclosure then none are worthy of re-election, get this quote on the cover up:-

Only Euro-MPs on the parliament's budget control committee are allowed to see the report.

To do so, they must apply to enter a "secret room", protected by biometric locks and security guards. They may not take notes and must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Last night, after an emergency meeting of senior officials including Mr Rømer and Mr Pöttering, triggered by The Daily Telegraph's investigation, a spokesman for the parliament denied a cover-up.

"The document is not secret. It is confidential," he said. "It can be read by Euro-MPs on the budget control committee, in the secret room but not generally. That is not the same as a secret document nobody can read."

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20 February 2008

Spanish socialist Solana celebrates colonisation of a section of Serbia's sovereign soil represented by a new version of the EU's own soiled symbols

Killing an already neutered parliament


EU Parliament votes against its own rule book. Tyranny advances ever closer.

Iam trying to post a YouTube video illustrating the latest shaming of democracy on this site today.

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