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24 April 2005

Prodi/Barroso/Latsis and the Greek Airport

Christopher Booker's column today, with extra research by Dr Richard North should be read in full, from this link.

Addendum 1st May 2005. Christopher Booker in this week's column has added some clarfication indicating he oever-emphasised the Latsis Group connections with the EU. The clarification is linked from here.

21 April 2005

Mandelson Guest of Microsoft on St Barts

Read the details from this report in today's Daily Telegraph, linked here.

13 April 2005

"Receipts for our Expenses?" - Get Stuffed is the MEPs response to TAXPAYERS!

The latest in the disgusting and increasingly unbelievable truth about the EU's one even remotely democratic but completely phoney democratic institution, as it was sickeningly played out yesterday may be read from the Guardian report linked here.

(Editors note - "I believe that Robert Kilroy-Silk was absent while campaigning for Britain's withdrawal from the EU, and therefore the end to his own unearnt perks as a member of the Strasbourg Parliament unlike his Tory and UKIP colleagues earning their allowances. The Guardian's reference to his abstention is therefore possible incorrect. I am checking the facts and will post an update here later).

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