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23 October 2005

Thirty thousand pound a year UKIP MEP fiddle!

Such is the allegation in a report in today's Sunday Telegraph which may be read in full from this link.

The following is a brief extract from Daniel Foggo's report:

The parliament has paid Mr Wise the full £36,000 in the belief that it is being passed on to Ms Jenkins, a freelance author and researcher.

When confronted, Mr Wise, who is one of UKIP's two MEPs for the eastern region of Britain, admitted that the extra money was in his bank account. He claimed that he had not intended to spend it and that he was keeping it for Ms Jenkins.

However, she had been unaware that, in claiming her salary as an expense, the MEP had told the European parliament that it was six times higher than it actually was.

Are the UKIP worse than , or perhaps as bad as, the organisation they supposedly exist to oppose? Read UKIP Uncovered regularly and the answer to that question is obvious!

09 October 2005

How Brussels and Strasbourg Corrupt

The Sunday Times 'Insight' team have today published a report on Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP ex UKIP and Veritas which may be read from this link.

Meantime the Sunday Telegraph reporting on the latest internal spat within the UK Independence Party, in which the party's chairman twice resigned, has this quote on opinion within that party on its own MEPs as contained in an e-mail from the party's deputy leader Mikre Nattrass MEP to the chairman Petrina Holdsworth:-

"Petrina it has been increasingly clear that you have a view of what MEPs do and the benefits they get which is not based on reality. Also you feel that the membership 'think we have gone native'.

No wonder the EU increasingly gains control over all our lives, when even its most vocal opponents fall so quickly within its thrall. Voters in France and Holland seem finally alive to the dangers while the British aided by the BBC as reported by Christopher Booker in his column today (linked here) seem to remain ignorant and unconcerned.

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