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29 November 2004

Sleaze Returns - The Telegraph notices - Wow!

A report in today's Daily Telegraph 'tells us' that sleaze has returned....Where have their journalists been, one wonders? Read the report from this link, and direct your mind to the question of just who can we vote for now?

28 November 2004

Fast Track Visa for the Mistress of Blunkett!

I am not even prepared to comment on this item, just give the link to the Telegraph from here.

Government orders breach of anti-sleaze code.

The article revealing the latest abuses of office by the tawdry Blair administration is revealed in an article in the Sunday Times by their PoliticalEditor David Cracknell, which is titled Ministers hit by sleaze row over ‘stars for Labour' and is linked from here. A small quote:-

It is clear that ministers are expected to supply names of people met during the course of government work, according to party sources. However, the office of John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, found the requests “totally unacceptable” and refused to co- operate.

(This item was also posted on 'Ironies')

At the heart of Europe

Daniel Hannan's article from this morning's Sunday Telegraph, accurately describes the disgusting charade of the European Parliament. It is linked from here and these are some of the more barbed extracts:-

A fomer colleague of Barrot's, Jacques Toubon, rushed up and down the aisle, apparently looking for someone to punch (Robert Kilroy-Silk, recognising him as the minister who had tried to ban the English language from French airwaves, told him mischievously that no one would understand him unless he spoke English, which sent him into a choking fit). All this because Farage was doing the job that the rest of us ought to have done.....

There you have it. As far as MEPs are concerned, it is all right to have supported a totalitarian regime, to have been convicted in a corruption case or, indeed, to be an evident dullard with no knowledge of your portfolio. What is not all right is to support the supremacy of national parliaments. Dolts, shysters, reds and retreads are welcome. But someone who believes that nations should set their own taxes? That would be going too far.

(This item was also posted on 'Ukip Uncovered')

21 November 2004

Downing Street denies Sleaze on a Sunday Night???

Looks like there is a lot more truth to the sleaze allegations mentioned in our posting below this, if Downing Street feels sufficiently concerned to rush out a denial so weak at this time of a Sunday night. The report from Epolitix may be read from here. The report ends:-

"The idea that there is any conflict of interest arising from it is therefore absurd."

So that's alright then?

Prime Ministerial Example?

This report from the Independent on Sunday shows how high the abandonment of principle has spread through our own domestic politics, one suspects partly thanks to the influence of the EU. Note the involvement of a French defence contracting firm! It is titled 'Cheriegate' flats rented to firm with £5bn MoD contracts and is linked from here

11 November 2004

When Thieves (of Democracy) Fall Out!

Tension between Tony Blair and Jack Straw over the referendum on the European Constitution (Photo: Council of the European Union)

All this post is from EUobserver linked here.

Blair cautious on setting date for referendum 09.11.2004 - 10:02 CET | By Marit Ruuda

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is said to be at odds with his Foreign Minister Jack Straw over the timing of the EU Constitution Bill, which will pave the way for a referendum.
Mr Straw would like to rush through the legislation as soon as possible, while Mr Blair is reluctant to give the bill a top priority.

Mr Straw is also pushing for the government to give a firm confirmation to hold the referendum on the European Constitution in the spring of 2006, reports the Independent.

Mr Blair, however, does not want to be tied to a specific time.

According to the newspaper, Mr Blair is reluctant to give the bill top priority, because it would not leave parliament enough time to get through other legislation before the elections.

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