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27 February 2004

MEPs Gravy Train Good Times to Continue

EUobserver reports the unsurprising news that the EU's pointless and sham MEPs have stymied any chance of reforming their grotesque expenses system which now looks set to continue into the next Parliament.

Ironies proposes a suitable protest would be for Europe's voters to ensure that those MEPs who have enjoyed these obscene perks for the past five years be deprived of the opportunity of continuing this abuse by voting all sitting MEPs out of office on 10th June next. This should particularly apply to those in parties within the EPP - ED group and the Socialists, singled out in this report and taking in the two main British parties. We quote:-

During the meeting this morning, both the EPP and the Socialists, were not prepared to move on the issue of MEPs pay and the reform of the allowance system, sources told this news site.

Read the full report from here.

13 February 2004

Socialist MEP Expelled for Exposing Expenses Scam

The latest bit of corruption among MEPs is revealed in this article from today's EUobserver linked from herefrom which we quote:-

The socialists in the European Parliament are in turmoil after one of their own members made serious allegations that some members of the group are involved in a expenses scam.

Austrian MEP, Hans-Peter Martin, has alleged that some of his colleagues have claimed expenses for meetings that they have not attended. He has subsequently been kicked out of the group.

02 February 2004

Poll Confirms Euros-Ignorance

The Independent has the results of a poll showing as few as one voter in five (18 pct) is likely to vote in the June European Parliamentary elections. The full article may be read by clicking here.

We quote this startling paragraph:-

Mori uncovered a mixture of apathy, ignorance and hostility towards the European Union. Just 9 per cent of people thought it was the most important issue facing the country, while 20 per cent wrongly thought the European Parliament had power over income tax and a third of Britons mistakenly thought they would have to carry a European identity card by the end of this year. It revealed a list of issues - such as the environment, animal rights and workplace conditions - on which people held strong views but did not realise were influenced by Brussels.

EU and Government deceit seems to be working remarkably well! A good instance of how Government pressure on broadcasters has achieved widespread ignorance about the nation's real rulers even before any post-Hutton clampdown!

An Idea Too Soon!

The consensus is that the concept of seeking votes to not take up a contested electoral seat is not one that is presently likely to be successful, even for such a corrupt and powerless body as the European Parliament. The only fruitful way of using a European vote in the forthcoming elections will therefore depend on honest and non-corruptible independent candidates stepping forward to take up the fight.

If we hear of any such standing we will trumpet their names from this and our other sites!

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