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31 October 2004

Serious Fraud Office Investigation

This report from The Hindu, linked here, indicates that the papers delivered to the fraud investigators in London could indeed result in an inquiry into te scandal of the EU accounting practises, supposedly now reformed by Neil Kinnock. Titled "EU 'fraud dossier' scandal takes serious turn" it states:-

According to the documents she has forwarded to the SFO, the Commission uses 200,000 accounts in 45 banks worldwide, making it easy for corrupt officials to siphon funds away. Andreasen also claims that there have been high-level cover-ups and money laundering by EU employees through a New York office.

29 October 2004

The EU Constitution signed today

Please visit Ironies for a very important analysis of the possible consequences of the pomp, circumstance and destruction of democracy and liberties that took place today in Rome.

Part I of Anthony Coughland's hugely important pamphlet, click here.

Part II of the paper please click here.

28 October 2004

Serious Fraud Office, Britain, the EU - Mote and Andreasen

This is from the magazine 'Accountancy Age' (WAKE UP AT THE BACK!) linked here.

SFO considers EU accounts case
By Paul Grant [28-10-2004]

The Serious Fraud Office is examining whether it can launch a criminal investigation into the government's role in the 'persistent and massive misuse of public money' by the European Commission.

22 October 2004

Ashley Mote MEP and Marta Andreasen accuse EU of Fraud and Corruption

As reported earlier today on our blog Ironies, Ashley Mote suspended from UKIP pending the hearing of his own court case for housing benefit fraud, has laid charges against the EU with the Serious Fraud Office in London.

From the office of Ashley Mote MEP PRESS RELEASE 21st October 2004

Is British government party to EU fraud and corruption?

Serious Fraud Office invited to investigate

MEP says Britain should stop paying Brussels
£12 billion/year until fraud eliminated.

Marta Andreasen, former Chief Accounting Officer of the European Union and Ashley Mote MEP for SE England have today served documents on Robert Wardle, director of the Serious Fraud Office, inviting him to investigate the persistent and massive misuse of British taxpayers’ money.

The papers support allegations of:

“This is a catastrophe for British taxpayers. It is a scandal that successive British governments have turned a blind eye to this disgraceful and unacceptable state of affairs for so long”, said Ashley Mote MEP, who has researched EU fraud for many years and recently assembled a team of experts.

“There may be a criminal case here – we must wait and see. But there is certainly a case for immediate action. I call on the British government to cease funding the EU at once and to withhold all future payments until the financial mess in Brussels is sorted out. Better still, the UK should leave the EU altogether. If the other member states are prepared to tolerate endemically corrupt government, so be it. It is not for us in Britain.”

17 October 2004

Whistle Blower Marta Andreasen has secret documents to expose the EU Accounting Shambles

A report exclusive to the Sunday Telegraph has the above startling relevation that is likely to cause much interest in the months ahead. The shameful treatment of the EU Commission's former Chief Accountant is exposed in the report which carries this statement by the Kinnock oppressed accountant:-

"They have treated me like a criminal. Suspension is a precautionary measure that they can apply if the risk of leaving you to work is so high. Yet others who are suspected of setting up illegal bank accounts to channel funds in their own interest are still working. Is there not more risk there?"

On her hearing before the Commission she had this to say:-

"The fact that nobody asked me anything was a clear sign that they had already made their decision," she said.

Although Mr Kinnock took notes during statements made by Mrs Andreasen and her lawyer at the hearing, at the end of last month, other commissioners appeared not to be giving their full attention.

She looked directly at Mr Kinnock as she told the hearing that she found it strange how, five years into his reform programme, the commission's computer system was still "incoherent". He appeared agitated, she said, making "a lot of gestures".

To find the reference to the secret documents, use this link to the paper's report and read the first three paragraphs.

15 October 2004

EU's 'trougher' MEPs now to get their hands into your pocket!

(This post was also put on Ironies earlier today)

Not content with their obscene perks and non-productive lifestyles the EU's parlimentarians are about to fund their own political parties at the public expense. Read the report from EUobserver linked here.

Once begun it apparently can never be stopped, even by the EU's member states as the MEPs will be able to block such a move. Already the intent is clear, the no doubt deliberately modest starting amount is scheduled to increase next year by a massive 29.23 per cent. This growth when compounded, means a doubling of the amounts received roughly every three years.

Given the fact that in the UK at least, it is the political parties who totally control the disgraceful and undemocratic 'list system' that gives the party a complete veto over who enters the European Parliament - the added threat to the domocracies of the European countries from this taxpayer subsidy could not be any more clear. It is 'Theft' by the Political Parties from the people of Europe on a grand scale.

Yet still no loud protests can be heard. Has Europe ever before been populated by such a complacent populace, one seemingly almost deserving of their rapidly approaching servitude?

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