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28 September 2004

Kinnock to sack Marta Andreasen Tomorrow



Neil Kinnock is to receive a pay-off of £227,000 when he steps down from his post with the European Commission, in addition to his massive annual pension of £63,900. Yet next Wednesday, September 29th, he will attend the final hearing to rubber stamp his formal sacking of the EU's former chief accounting officer, Marta Andreasen. She was informed earlier this week of her dismissal.

Democracy Movement campaign director Marc Glendening comments:

"On taking up his post in 1999 as commissioner responsible for admin, Neil Kinnock said he would show 'zero tolerance'for those engaging in corruption and that whistle-blowers would receive his full protection. His promises now look like a sick joke.

"If he had any sense of shame, Mr Kinnock would refuse to take his 'Fat Cat' bonus while the courageous Marta Andreasen faces redundancy because of his actions".

Mrs Andreasen was initially removed from her job on Mr Kinnock's orders in May 2002. A contributory factor may have been her refusal to sign off the previous year's accounts because of the widespread irregularities she had discovered. Mr Kinnock attempted to persuade her to sign them off despite her alarm at what she had discovered. He said she could always attach a note at the back expressing her concerns. Andreasen refused to do so explaining that such conduct was a breach of her professional undertakings and would be a criminal offence in relation to a private company. She also repeatedly warned Kinnock and the other commissioners about the way in which billions of euros were disappearing from the EU budget but her proposals for reform
were ignored.

After Mrs Andreasen was transferred to a lesser position she was then suspended on full pay from her duties completely two months later in July 2002 by Kinnock. She had been invited by the European Parliament's Budget Committee to give evidence about fraud. The suspension meant that she could not have official dealings with EU institutions and was so barred from appearing before MEPs.


1. The Democracy Movement is the non-party grass-roots campaign against Britain's immersion into an EU State - a campaign to save democracy and for a more modern, truly international future for Britain.

With over 325,000 registered supporters and 120 local branches nationwide, it is the largest non-party organisation campaigning on the issue of Britain's relationship with the European Union, and will play a leading grass-roots role in the campaign for a 'No' to the EU Constitution in the promised referendum.

2. Visit their web site at:


26 September 2004

Outrage at Kinnock's Pension

It is estimated it would require a private pensin fund of over two and a quarter million pounds to provide a pension equivalent to that awarded to almost certainly Britain's most useless EU Commissioner to date. One typical report is this from the Daily Telegraph linked here.

20 September 2004

Fed up with sleaze - read Beth's blog for news on the Senator's Mercedes!

A surfer visited Ironies from Beth's blog, I read it and felt some visitors here might have a chuckle too. It is available from this link. A sample follows hereafter (normal griping will be resumed shortly):

"I've been at work all day and will be here until 5:30. It has been a very busy day which is good because usually work is very boring. This morning I had a fight with the fax machine and I had a some random jobs throw at me. The senator asked me to call Mercedez Benz and make an appointment for him to bring his car in to be fixed. RANDOM! I'm not his personal assistant, I mean he has a secretary. The senator always asks me to do some very random things. I've just been real busy today answering the phone, opening and closing files and working on a list Julie gave to find out some info."

14 September 2004

'Spin' tops 'Sleaze' in public disgust at politicians

The report from the UK parliament highlights a growing international problem! In the UK only 27 per cent of respondents trust their MPs to tell the truth. The report's summary appeared in an Evening Standard article on 8th September. A quote:-

The three-year-long study by Parliament's anti-sleaze watchdog found that only 27 per cent of people expected MPs of any party to tell the truth, well below local councillors and even some journalists, the Evening Standard can reveal.

01 September 2004

Blogger breather! But STOP the CCB!

This blog with its associates is taking a break for a week or so. THOSE STEALING OUR FREEDOMS AND DEMOCRACY ARE NOT. Read these past posts on the topic of the Civil Contingencies Bill and contact one or more of their Lordships.

5th July Smacking debate to distract public attention aided by the BBC linked from here!

August 4th Civil Contingencies Bill

'Stopping the CCB' with contact details for members of the House of Lords from here.

Try these links as well: Statewatch and New Alliance

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