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25 December 2004


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19 December 2004

Sleaze from Portillo in the Sunday Times

You may not believe this article, I found it hard to grasp on first reading, but here we have a one time cabinet minister from the Major administration criticising New Labour for SLEAZE!!

Click here for this week's Portillo column.

08 December 2004

WOW - A Story that really 'Justifies' this Blog's Title

Question - TEN THOUSAND POUNDS FOR SEX!!!!!! - Answer - No thanks I think I'll be a labour MP.

Had this story appeared in the Mirror or the Sun then I might not have bothered to link it from here - but it appears in The Times as may be read from here.

01 December 2004

Attack the practises - NOT the Person

There seems to be a lesson for all reforming political parties in this item on 'Sleaze' from the Scotsman this morning, read it in full here. A brief quote:

"Instead of trying to pick off individual ministers, Labour mounted a much broader attack on the whole Tory government. Instead of attacking any one person, Labour attacked a general concept of "sleaze".

By repeating the word over and over, Labour were able to tarnish the Conservatives with an image of all-round disrepute."

Small parties trying to capitalise on the lies and corruption that have now become such a fixed part of the process within the main political parties of Britain (following contamination by Contnental associations) might have a lesson to learn here.

Rather than attacking Blunkett for his behaviour, Blair for his Bristol rentals and all the various Tories for their well known sleaze - lump them together and by association make membership of one of their parties cause for social stigma. After all remember, they all sit hypocritically on the Westminster benches drawing their salaries, expenses and perks, while the real Brussel's legislation passes through the lobby outside largely unread, effectively unnoticed and certainly unamendable by ANY of those 'Thieves of Democracy' who lable themselves MPs.

Westminster MPs are the true villains of this age, the public have YET to notice! Their sex scandals and pillaging of the public purse are nothing when set beside their greater crime - the betrayal of their nation and destruction of its democracy. AND TO BE CLEAR WITH THIS LATTER MUCH MISUSED WORD - I mean 'democracy' as defined by Karl Popper in his book 'The Open Society and its Enemies' - the means of government whereby the people may remove their leaders without bloodshed. All other forms such as that now being imposed by the EU with the connivance of our MPs, Popper defines as Tyrannies!

Make no mistake on what business the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and now it appears the UK Independence Party are engaged (read Ukip Uncovered) - it is the installation of a foreign controlled TYRANNY over this nation! Accept that fact and you will start to get a measure of the depths to which our Members of Parliament have truly sunk!

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