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31 March 2004

'Telegraph' Report on MEP Fraud

The Daily Telegraph in its 30th March edition picks up on the EU MEP fraud matter highlighted in the posting below, in this linked article from Kate Connolly MEPs 'cheating to get £175 payout'.

The German journalist presently under investigation by the Belgian Police for endeavouring to unearth corruption is also mentioned:-

Hans-Martin Tillack, Brussels correspondent for Stern magazine and author of a book on European Union corruption, was arrested recently and had his computer and files seized shortly after making similar allegations.

He called Brussels a "help-yourself paradise" in which German MEPs made profits of about £19,000 a year on top of monthly pay of £4,700.

The main point here must surely be that the corruption is clearly endemic within the MEP community. With that number of MEPs involved it must be obvious and well known to all, yet no steps have been taken by these supposed legislators to curb the greedy and dishonest excesses of their colleagues. Corruption is thus tolerated by those charged with protecting their constituents against it. All MEPs stand must therefore condemned of complicity in these fraudulent acts and should not be returned to sit in the Parliament.

One exception to this sweeping judgement must be Hans-Peter Martin, the Austrian Social Democrat MEP who has brought these shameful facts to the public notice.

29 March 2004

Fraud Cases against MEPs - Europe's only Supposed Democratic Flagbearers!

Read this further report from EUobserver headlined Over 7,200 fraud cases alleged in European Parliament

19 March 2004

MEP's Silent as EU's Fraud Office moves against Free Speech

Europe's march back into darkness continues apace with this report of the EU's anti-fraud arm OLAF moving against an independent German magazine Stern which was instrumental in the exposure of corruption within Eurostat and could now be looking at the EU's investigatory organisation itself. Read the EUobserver report from here.

Alarm bells should be ringing across the Continent, where are the protests of the MEP's? Muted by the surrounding trough we presume, their noses so far in that the surrounding swill has now apparently also risen to blind their eyes!

17 March 2004

MEPs Accept the EU Accounts Already Rejected by the Auditors

AS this session of the Euroepean Parliament slowly grinds to a horrendously expensive and totally non-productive end the pampered and molly-coddled MEPs seem set to excel themselves, even at the last with shameful disregard for all norms of sound fiscal management or prudent practise, when their bugetry control committee recommended approving the accounts.

The EUobserver provides a good report of what has occurred and can be read in full by clicking here.

15 March 2004

Labour's Laughable Lament on Bell

Can this be believed? Pomposity carried to ridiculous heights by Education Secretary Charles Clarke who states in an article from the Norfolk site EDP24 News linked from here:-

Martin Bell would not be able seriously to influence discussions in the European Parliament if he were elected to it, says Education Secretary Charles Clarke

Discussions! What discussions? AS Jeffrey Titford MEP says in the speech quoted and linked from the posting below this 'If we are very, very lucky, my colleague Nigel Farage and I may be allowed two speaking sessions, each of 90 seconds duration during the week.

The minister continued as follows:-

"However," he continued, "important decisions of the European Parliament, like other political bodies, depend ultimately upon policies, programmes and political assessments.

"Martin's views would be able to influence such discussions, but not seriously influence them."


"Remember: In this parliament there are no private members bills. Not a single measure originates in the parliament. Every directive and regulation is written by the commission, passes through this charade and becomes European Law."

Read also the portion below on the 'button pushing mass voting' to further demonstrate the total self-delusion or lies of which this government minister with responsibility for the education of Britain's youth is capable. Surely a senior member of the government must by now be aware that the European Parliament, IS NOT like other political bodies, IT DOES NOT depend ultimately upon policies, programmes and political assessments - IT IS AN EXPENSIVE CHARADE DESIGNED TO DELUDE THE PEOPLE OF EUROPE INTO BELIEVING THAT THEY HAVE RETAINED SOME REMNANT OF THEIR DEMOCRATIC HERITAGE!! the indirect result of which is to fund and thus muzzle the mainstream politcal parties of Europe in hiding this fact from their electorates, which is precisely what Clarke was about in making these statements and why Martin Bell's campaign is so necessary.

Such an independent campaign must now be copied in every other EU region, celebrity names are needed to step forward. They do not, of course ever have to attend the disreputable European Parliament, so reputations need not be sullied, as reading the first posting on this web site so clearly explains.

14 March 2004

Why NOT to Vote for Titford - 'in his own words'

On 4th November 2000 Jeffrey Titford UKIP MEP for the Eastern Region addressed the Bruges Group in London, here are some quotes which make an excellent case against re-electing him to the European Parliament. Indeed a cast-iron case against re-electing any sitting MEP. Happily for voters in the Eastern Region they WILL have an alternative, that being to cast a vote against corruption and elect the 'Send me no money' Independent Martin Bell read more from here.

Excerpts from "Journey to the Rotten Heart of Europe" by Jeffrey Titford MEP full speech linked here:-

"So we go through this charade, this parody of democratic process"

"In little more than an hour in that hemicycle, we may be required to cast 200 votes or more - one vote approximately every 20 seconds - each having a direct effect on the lives of hundreds, sometimes millions of people, led by a bored so-called president who sits at the front, for all the world like a weary teller in some huge bingo hall."

"Remember: In this parliament there are no private members bills. Not a single measure originates in the parliament. Every directive and regulation is written by the commission, passes through this charade and becomes European Law."

"Our votes cannot check a directive. We are there merely to furnish the illusion of democracy, providing a veneer to conceal what is a fundamentally undemocratic process. The cast may change, but the show always goes on, with the actors collecting their wages from the stage door and dashing off for a self-congratulatory drink after the show."

"Far from being at the centre of things, the European parliament is a cul-de-sac.

"What we are uncovering is much more important because it is insidious, covert and unseen and whatever is insidious, covert and unseen in the process of government is of its nature undemocratic. This is what we have come to know as "creeping integration", the slow but relentless absorption of our institutions, customs and freedoms, ignored by the media and concealed from the public."

"...yet amounts to nothing less than the deliberate deception of the electorate."


The answer of course can only be MONEY. As Titford makes clear he is powerless to affect change so why has he ceased to blow the whistlle? Will these be the points he makes during his campaign? Like hell they will! Towards the end of his speech comes this :-

"Our administrative structures, industrial, research and academic institutions, and our freedoms under entrenched common law, are being absorbed right under our noses - in the electorate's case in ignorance, in the politicians' case, in full knowledge and with their connivance."

Will this be the message he spreads during the campaign, and if so will he, and all his MEP colleagues, also state what exactly they have been doing about it?

11 March 2004

Signature Forgeries for 262 Euros a Day

The latest scam from the disgraceful parasites who feed on the body politic of Europe's nation states, otherwise known as MEPs or in this EUobserver article a respectable sounding - "European Deputies", is apparently to sign on for a daily allowance of 262 euros per day, but get a friend to do it for you. We quote from the report:-

Roger Vanhaeren, a highly placed civil servant, noted last October that there were "certain questions concerning the conformity of various signatures in comparison with the original signatures of the MEPs".

These allegations come hot on the heels of similar ones made by Austrian MEP Hans-Peter Martin about his fellow MEPs in the Socialist group.

Coming just ahead of the European Parliament elections in June, the accusations, if true, are likely to further damage the reputation of MEPs.

The original article appears in Germany's Stern magazine but the EUobserver summary is linked from here

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