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21 January 2017

President Schultz is Gone

President Trump is in The White House

PM May is driving the UK OUT of the Single Market

UK MEPs must leave the perks and boredom driven regulating behind.

Blog Job nearly done. BREXIT and Article 50 NOW

17 February 2012

Daily Express slates Greedy MEPs after another pay rise

The article is linked here, there is little further this blog can add, other than to register its ongoing disgust. A quote:
GRASPING Euro MPs sparked fury last night by demanding a pay rise of up to three per cent
Friday February 17,2012

By Martyn Brown

GRASPING Euro MPs sparked fury last night by demanding a pay rise of up to three per cent.
As the eurozone teeters on the brink of catastrophe and Britain is forced to tighten its belt, the shameless demand added to the growing clamour for us to pull out of the EU. The basic salary of an MEP is already £82,915 a year, compared with £64,766 for an MP at Westminster. Euro MPs can also rake in £360,000 in expenses.
If the three per cent budget increase is ratified in Brussels next month, MEPs would receive an extra £2,500 in pay and more lucrative expenses and pension entitlements. It would also add the equivalent of an extra £45million a year to the hugely inflated parliamentary budget, just as debt-ravaged Greece faces financial ruin.
The increase would bring the total cost of the army of MEPs and their hangers-on to a staggering £1.55billion next year.
It proves the juggernaut of EU excess shows no signs of slowing and will add more support to the Daily Express crusade for Britain to pull out of Europe.

26 January 2012

MEPs Blowing taxpayers cash.

Again and again, on and on with no end in sight and nothing gained. The latest waste is detailed by the Daily Telegraph, linked here.

29 June 2011

A Superb Symbol of 'Money no Object' Excess

The proposed new headquarters for the grotesque EU Council, guiding body of the thoroughly corrupt and rotten to the core European Union, is pictured today in the Mail Online, linked here:

Christened elsewhere on the worldwide web as the EUterus, the implication of that term seems ill suited to the organisation it is proposed it will house. A casual glance makes it obvious that all the hugely expensive curvatures must only be had at the expense of useful office space.

It is, like the organisation it is intended to represent, an abomination, fitting for the headquarters of the tyranny it is planned to house!

Maybe the flaunting of such an illustration, will finally shake into action the citizens of the former 27 ex-nations that make up this now almost completed conspiracy.

Your silent consent is what makes all this possible!


20 June 2011

Ten wasteful items from the wasters in the EU

The collection from Business Insider is linked here, readers of this blog can find far worse in the postings down the years!

05 June 2011

EU Elite hit by Double Whammy from Mail's Mary Ellen Synon

The first dated 2nd June 2011, is titled "Commission spending: EU elite lead lives of Renaissance Princes of the Church" it is linked here.

The second, dated this morning is titled:

 Elite European Schools: how the eurocrats'kids get the gravy and you pay for it

Get angry, this has gone on too long!

28 February 2011

Tory MP, trousers £2 million from the EU

The MP is then made a minister and thereafter covers up details of EU subsidy payments. Read the entire sordid story from here.

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